What to do in Salamanca

What to visit?


What to do?

What to eat?

What to do in Salamanca

What to visit?


What to do?

What to eat?

What to do in Salamanca

What to visit?


What to do?

What to eat?

5 Typical dishes we recommend

1. “Hornazo”

It is the most representative gastronomic product of Salamanca. Although it is consumed throughout the year, we, locals, eat it on “Lunes de Aguas”. On our visit we will tell you where the tradition comes from.

2. Ham with designation of “Guijuelo” origin

Among the variety of sausages offered by our province, the star product is ham, with designation of “Guijuelo” origin. You can’t leave Salamanca without trying it!.

3. Fried eggs with “farinato”

In the past they used to call it the chorizo ​​of the poor. The humblest families, when making the slaughter, took the lard of the pig and together with bread and spices they made this typically Salamanca sausage, especially popular in Ciudad Rodrigo. Caloric but delicious.

4. “Meneás” Potatoes

Formerly it was a humble meal, of the peasants. It is accompanied with fried torreznos. Currently they can be tasted as tapas or servings in many of the tapas bars in our city.

5. “Hinojosa” Cheese

Cheese made with milk from the best sheep in the area of “Las Arribes del Duero”, a quality product that will not leave you indifferent.

5 Typical sweets that we recommend

1. “Ledesma” doughnuts

Small artisan doughnuts made in Ledesma. They are sold in small bags. If you open a bag … you will eat more than one.

2. “Maimón” roll

Also known as “Rosco de Bodas”. In traditional weddings, after the ceremony, it was the custom to dance the “Rosca Dance” around this roll. It is tall, sometimes huge and a little dry. You have to accompany it with a drink to avoid choking.

3. “Cipérez” wafers

Although they can already be bought in many supermarkets in Spain, this light, traditional and artisan sweet is made in several towns in the province, but the best known are those of Cipérez, dedicated to wafer manufacturing for more than 160 years.

4. “Perronillas or Perrunillas”

This sweet is a must in all patron saint’s festivals and celebrations of our villages, but do not worry, we no longer have to wait for any local holiday to taste them as they can be found in pastry shops and typical products stores.

5. “Chochos Charros”

Funny name, right ?. Sweet similar to sugared almonds but without almonds inside. With a mild cinnamon flavor, sometimes white and sometimes colored and with a hard consistency. You have to try them!

5 Things to do in Salamanca

1. Go for “tapas” in the “Van Dyck” area

If you want to leave the historic center for a while, you can go to the Van Dyck area to have tapas and recharge your strenght to continue the visit.

2. Visit the “Lis house”, the Art Nouveau-Déco Museum

One of the most visited museums in Castilla y León. Its stained glass windows and collections transport us to another era. It is worth stopping along the way for a coffee in the most “chic” cafeteria in Salamanca.

3. Boat ride on the Tormes river

In spring and summer, as long as the weather permits, enjoying a boat trip through our Tormes is certainly a good option to have a different perspective of the city.

4. Going out: next to “Gran Vía”

Start the night on San Justo and Varillas street, next to Gran Vía and end it on Bordadores street. Mingle with the student environment, with the fun-loving people and maybe even with some tuno.

5. Visit “La Alberca” and “Peña de Francia”

Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Anchored in the Batuecas-Sierra de Francia National Park. Time seems to have stood still. “La Peña de Francia” is the overlook of our province, with 1723 meters of altitude.

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